NETMF on the Cortex A8 Processor

Is it possible to create .NETMF to run on the Cortex A8 processor? Is there anyone currently working on this? I had a quick “Google” but nothing concrete found.

I would assume that being ARM, it should be possible to do this? I’ve been using one of these running Android and Linux but would love to have the processing power and IO available to run .NETMF as development of Android Apps is time consuming.

Is there such a thing as too much power for a MF device? For commercial products, a “bigger” .NET embedded environment might be a better choice for this class of device.

I suspect that Gus has one of these on his desk. :slight_smile:

While having a 2Ghz NETMF machine is awesome and I might have it my desk like Mike said, running things on G400 shows no signs of need for more performance. Keep in mind that your Cortex-A8 device will be 4 time faster than G400. So if things are slow on G400, they will probably still be slow on cortex-A8. Note that G400 can be 30 times faster than EMX!!

Have you tried G400 yet? :slight_smile:

Thanks Mike and Gus.

I have the G400 dev kit and it is pretty quick. :slight_smile: ( Still need PPP though :stuck_out_tongue: )

I wasn’t suggesting to port to the board I linked to but more to know if it could be done and if GHI saw a market for it?

Saying that, the higher the speed you go, the more demanding the design on the SDRAM becomes so this could push up the price as the development cycle is longer.

I think the G400 is priced about right and I look forward to the final builds. My initial testing on my old ChipworkX based design is promising but the lack of PPP is making the switch a little harder to prepare. I am still looking for an alternative solution to this as I need the ability to remotely update the devices. Right now I have this with the ChipworkX and PPP. :slight_smile:

Not as elegant, but most if not all modems support communication without the need for PPP. Have you looked into this option?

I have and the SIM900B I use supports this but it is not as elegant as creating a PPP connection and then using TCP/IP.

I am working on it in the coming weeks after I get this current project out the door.

By the way, what’s the technical reason for no PPP in 4.2? Is it not as simple as porting the existing 4.1 to do it? I am not familiar with the source for NETMF so I can only assume that the underlying code for 4.2 is vastly different?

I would assume it is not a technical reason. More likely the resources necessary to port, test and maintain the software versus the number of customers actually using the functionality.

Yes correct, we just never got to it yet and most customers want other things, like G400 production firmware, or G120 network bugs resolved. So it is better to say no PPP instead of promising and not delivering. As always, we are working very hard and trying to get it all done in a reasonable time.

yes I do. 229. :slight_smile:

The porting of PPP to 4.2 is much more than a simple recompile since the IP stack was changed in 4.2. The IP stack needs to be tamed before PPP.