NETMF on Olimex STM32-E407?

Has anyone installed a .net runtime environment on this board?

I am completely new to NETMF and would appreciate any starting pointers on how to get it running on that target.


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It has same processor family as Cerb, Mountaineer boards are using. You should be able to rebuild the open source firmware for your board.

Also, check this thread:

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This board looks like it’s more along the lines of the Mountaineer Ethernet board, as it uses the onboard MAC and a discrete PHY, as opposed to the ENC28J60 that is used by GHI.

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If you ignore the ethernet interface then you can load the Cerberus firmware files directly on your board.

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I successfully loaded the Mountaineer firmware using the ST DfuSe utility according to the instructions in

Thanks everyone for the hints!

So does Mountaineer Eth firmware works as expected on Olimex boards?

Thanks for reminding me, I’ve always been meaning to report the results here.

The Mountaineer Eth firmware worked on the Olimex board without any change. I did not, however, test the ethernet yet.
I used the firmware (and instructions) from