NETMF on Maple Mini


I’ve bought a Maple Mini board (well, a cheap Chinese “version”) and managed to make it working with Arduino style IDE. It’s based on STM32F103 so my first thought was to put NETMF on it ;]. But problems starts here. I know that Mountainer group made a port for it, which is in NETMF Porting Kit. I’ve installed VS, NETMF and downloaded porting kit… and that’s where my knowledge ends. I don’t know how to “flash” NETMF on this board, the only thing I’ve found that is nearest to my problem is here:

but ST-LINK Utility can not detect ST_LINK. I thought that it is built into the chip but probably I was mistaken.
Is there a way to make it work?
As I’ve spent a lot time searching for an answer, I’ll really appreciate any help!

TLDR: How to put in simple steps NETMF on Maple Mini?

I don’t think it has enough flash and ram to run netmf.

The port was made for F1 family, basing on that I assumed it will work, am I wrong?

PS: I didn’t know that links in my posts will be hidden until 50 exp ;]

You can run it with 512K of flash with some good skills and a commercial compiler. 1mb is good even with gcc.

Ech, I focused on searching for putting NETMF on F1 series and didn’t realize huge differences in RAM/ROM within series. Well, the idea of cheap NETMF board was to good to be true ;]

But what about boards like NUCLEO-F401RE? It has 512kB FLASH, 96kB RAM.
I don’t understand what Gus said, is it a general statement or is it still applicable to STM32 family? There is also port made by Mountainer group for F4 series - it needs 1MB or is it done with “good skills and a commercial compiler” and it will run on F401RE?

Cuno from Oberon did that already, and there are quite a few prototypes (usually made by Justin) around, like, for example:

Unfortunately, they are busy and that awesome port for F401 is not yet available. They promised open-sourcing it long time ago, but…


I also have a maple mini (the cheap chinese version).
It does not have a ST-LINK integrated. You have to buy one and connect to the JTAG/SWD pins on Maple Mini. Unfortunately the reset signal is not connected to the header, you have to reset the board manually.
I am not sure if the NETMF will work on this board it has only 20k of RAM and the minimal requirements are 60k as I remember.


P.S. I also want to run NETMF on it. Maybe it will be possible if you strip some features, I dunno.