NETMF on CC3200?

could the CC3200 just announced perhaps run NETMF or is the Memory too small?


It has plenty of RAM, but it looks like you’d need to use serial flash (no embedded flash?). Shouldn’t be an issue, though.


These chips have the peripheral device library on ROM, this should help you reduce application size.

Including SSL. Quite interesting.

@ godefroi - good project to get your teeth into…i look forward to your port :wink:

I’d be even more encouraged if the CC3000 was more stable at the moment.

Interesting price! I just wish it was much smaller!

I could probably work something out for the hardware design, but the porting is completely beyond me :slight_smile:

but why NETMF ? why not bare metal or something like mbed.

Yeah, the flawed firmware of the cc3000 has kept it from becoming anything more than a curiosity. I doubt that there are any commercial uses of it because of this. SparkCore doesn’t count as hobbyists are a lot more forgiving. The cc3100 certainly addresses all the limitations of the cc3000 with SSL, WPS, SmartConfig, Peer-to-Peer, 8 sockets, and a fully integrated web server. However, the replacement for the cc3000 is really the (unreleased) cc3100 Module, which will mount the chip on a PCB with flash, crystals, and pcb antenna (and FCC certified).

If it can be made to be stable, it will be successful. I am hopeful though for this chip for a few reasons. First, my hope is that they learned from the cc3000 and realize they need to support it better. And, they are offering both SPI and UART communication. There may be a raw packet mode that will allow you to bypass their stack if there are issues. Finally, they have a direct PC control application that should allow for much easier driver development.

With respect to the cc3200, I would love to see NETMF support the TI ARM CPUs. However, if you are looking for an mcu+wifi device, Murata combines a Broadcom wifi with STM32 CPU already. That could be a better fit.

P.S. I have two cc3100’s on order and will be evaluating it over the next month. I have a lot of yet to be released improvements to the cc3000 driver, but it needs more testing.


on their announcement of the cc3200/3100 they said that there will be a firmware release for the cc3000 within the month