NETMF/Netduino plugin for Xamarin Studio

Very interesting:


Very Cool…

Very cool indeed and well done Xamarin Gurus :clap: :clap:

Interesting indeed!

Not sure what this means?

My first thought when I hear Xamarin is cross-platform mobile app development … so it took me a little while to see this was an alternative for VS on a PC for NETMF (and not related to iOS/Android).

@ andre.m - For me, the bit that’s unclear is why?

But then again, I’ve never used, or ever see the need to use a Mac… :smiley:

Great for those who do though, unless a VM running windows on your Mac isn’t a solution either.

@ mhectorgato - thanks, now I am in the loop again…

@ andre - I know you are right :wink:

Couldn’t resist and swapped my SSD with OSX and fired up my hackintosh (E6430).

Got the add-in and made my solution, pretty look-a-like as used to in VS, at least the code. But how the hack do you add a reference you can’t find. No usual assemblies to add, no SecretLabs stuff. So it stopped when try to compile, maybe that is what one shouldn’t be doing on a MAC/HACK.

Maybe Cuno knows…are you listening…or anybody else… :wall:

BTW, if one’s got 999 USD avail you can get it for VS on Windows, so you are not bound to a MAC/HACK. Although, this doesn’t make any sense to me, that 999 is better spend at some nice GHI main board/modules.

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No, I’m staying on Windows for the time being :slight_smile:

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…yep, me too … although it mentions now netmf is NOT installed … yeah, kind of remember I didn’t … what ever … I’m back to windows …

must confess that I’m quite a MS-Chap after all …

I wouldn’t even know how to make a screenshot and the copy, cut, paste buttons don’t work either …

thanks anyway …

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