NETMF Modules

Now that Gadgeteer is officially dead with GHI are we going to see a return in PTH and ribbon modules?

What modules would you want to see that aren’t already available somewhere? It seems to me that with the death of Gadgeteer, GHI basically made the decision to get out of the modules business. But, I’d love to be wrong.

The return of e-blocks? :smiley:

Those are called Grove now :slight_smile: I have Tech talk about it.

Exactly. If GHI should decide to make any modules, I would hope they would just follow the Grove standard instead something more complicated. One thing Grove doesn’t have that I wish they would borrow from Gadgeteer is the 5mm grid layout standard. Actually, I wish the entire electronics industry would adopt that. :smiley:


Yes grove could be a good standard. But what about spi or usb module ? And when an X socket can contains 8 I/O in gadgeteer, 4 grove socket are needed !

And let us not forget the over 100+ Click modules by MikroElecktronika.

@ scardinale - They are great but no cables.

I disagree. Cables allow mounting the modules anywhere in an enclosure. Cables allow for multiple modules.

Still xbee and click modules are good for many things. We choose that for the Brain pad for example.

All are fine options, depending on what you are doing.

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@ Gus - oh, Gus, there you are. Have you seen John around? Some people are looking for him in the other room.

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Like the G-Module Click Adapters which allowed use of both Clicks on G-mainboards or Gadgeteer modules on a Click socket mainboard, anyone can make an adapter fitted with whatever cable one would want. Whether it be JST, IDC 10 or Gadgeteer it is a simple way to interface a Click module to just about anything.

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@ cyberh0me - issues 0.01% useful 99.99% of the time. I always pick a cable if that is an option. I own those and many other options and speak from my own experiences.

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