Netmf local help

I know this a netmf question… but I can’t seem to do it… (alias has XML help for…


Apparently you just put the files into the microsoft “assemblies” folder to get excellent “tooltip” help when using their classes…

Has anyone else done this?

cheers Ian

Did you guys see the advanced emulator?

For those interested:

I send a lot of time on this site

He has netmf information in abundance

I’ve just emailed him on how to get this “intellegent help” working I’ll post my result

The tinyfont tool is excellent… completely automates the process

cheers Ian

If any of you need it… the instructions are for .net v4.0 you must put the XML files into the “assemblies\be” and “assemblies\le” folders on .net v4.1

Its not complete but it does give you instant help…

Cheers Ian

This is cool… I am always puzzled at new functions and have to look online (means opening a separate browser) for help.

Wonder if GHI does the same thing on their assemblies…

Once you extract the xml files, you may have stop and start VS to get document cache to load I think. Maybe it is dynamic, but I restarted VS and works here.

Note this is a standard .Net feature how you get intellisense help from the xml. Note, all other .Net assemblies have the xml files next to the dlls. It is a good practice to document your public methods with ///

Some docs as you go. Just type “///” on top of your method to get the help stub out. Then building your xml files is a simple matter of checking a box in your Build properties. It is so easy in fact, I can’t understand why MF does not include them. Collins needs to do this for sure. I remember the CCR team forgot to do this also. You got to ship your assemblies with xml files MS!