NETMF Gadgeteer Install

I’ve packaged up my native NETMF Gadgeteer code into a handy install.

Currently contains

Mainboards: Cobra II, Hydra, Raptor

Modules: RTC (DFRobot), ENC28, Music, Tunes, GHI USB, Button 6 (Skewworks), LiPo (SolderMonkey), T35, T43, VideoOut (640x480 and 800x600)

Additional Items Included - SQLRegistry, XMLRegistry, TouchRegistry

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Is all the source available for this, too? You’ve posted so much lately I can’t keep track. Would be nice to have it linked here also if you released it. Thanks!

Yup all the code is in CodeShare minus the new VideoOut, I’ll get that updated soon though. More code sharing to be done!!!

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