NETMF for Electronics Noobs Tutorials

I’m starting a series of tutorials that I believe fills a much needed gap. Read more about here and please help me improve where needed.



Wouldn’t it it better to create these tutorials on tinyclr’s wiki? I know that you are not targeting only GHI devices, but it does keep info in one place (and prevents your info from getting lost in cyberspace) and makes the leader in NetMF devices even more leader :wink:

Just my 2 cents…

I understand where you’re coming from and I did consider the options before deciding to do this on my blog. For several reasons, I decided this was the best decision. First, as you mention, although I’m a big fan of the FEZ devices (especially the Panda-II) I also own netduino & Device Solutions devices and will typically use which ever one is available at the time I get an idea to blog about (unless GHI wants to start sponsoring my hobby :wink:

Most important you have to read carefully and understand the goal of my tutorials. They are not really to teach NETMF or GHI devices or electronics. What I’m trying to do is present just enough info that someone with a desire to start getting into this hobby space can hit the ground running and gain just enough knowledge to accomplish something big in their first days owning a NETMF device. Then once they’re hooked they’ll find their way over to to ask the hard questions. Additionally, on a WIKI where everyone can contribute to the content it’s easy for an article to quickly become saturated with information. That’s exactly the opposite of what I’m trying to accomplish.

My final reason is purely selfish. I’m preparing to do a presentation on NETMF at my local .NET users’ group around the first of the year and I’m trying to build up some supporting documentation to point people to regarding the projects that I demonstrate.

I’ll continue to contribute as much as I can here at and mention GHI as much as possible in my blog. So, I see this as a win-win for everyone. I expect that there will be some people that find my blog before they find and will end up here due to that reference.


Have you contacted GHI about some gifts for your group?

No. But, that would be great. Who should I contact?

Send an email with detail about your group to Contact Us – GHI Electronics

Done. Anything they can offer to help draw a crowd is certainly appreciated!

“Using a Joystick with NETMF and the NETMFx Joystick Library” published.

NETMFx library published to CodePlex.