NETMF for Beginners Problem

This post refers to a NETMF startup done using VS2013 Community Edition.

In the document NETMF_for_Beginners.pdf there exists a section 4.2 The Emulator.

In this section, one will find instructions for the absolute first thing an aspiring NETMF programmer should do in the learning how to program. The instructions properly document how to set up for a C# Micro Framework project. However, on my newly installed VS2013, the type of module selected by default consists of a [em]Class Library[/em], not a [em]Console Application[/em]. The document do not mention to select a [em]Console Application[/em] project.

Should a user proceed without selecting a [em]Console Application[/em] project and use a [em]Class Library[/em] project instead, the user will not generate a Program.cs source file; rather, the user will generate a NETMFBook.cs source file and become immediately confused.

You may wish to update the NETMF_for_Beginners.pdf document to include a step to select a [em]Console Application[/em] to avoid user confusion.

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Console application. We will update the book, thanks.

I guess you should also add a disclaimer: When in doubt consult forum 8)

Or call Gus, 24/7, +001…