Netmf Emulator with real IO

If you’re working daily on the develop of software for a NETMF board a lot of time is spoiled by deploying, flashing and debugging. Waiting until an application is deployed is often too short to quickly do something else but is takes too long to stay focused.

The NETMF emulator is in my opinion to limited because it cannot simulate all attached hardware.

In my view it would be desirable to have a board with for example SPI, I2C, GPIO, LCD interface (number gadgateer sockets) which can be plugged into a PC or connected to a PC. A board that communicates with a software emulator.

Using the NETMF porting kit, i guess it would be possible to create an emulator that co-operates with that special hardware card.

Anyone suggestions or ideas about such a product?

The application framework from Skewworks is open source and lets you run programs from SD so you don’t have to keep reflashing.

Thanks for sharing but i guess it still means copy to SD after each build. I like to have a situation where you can edit, compile and run

All a matter of where you want to spend your time. If you want the emulator to do it, you’ll have to write your own and update it for every different piece if hardware you want it to emulate.

Perhaps the mythical FEZ Lynx will do the trick for you? (when it arrives… of course)

@ FireyFate - Thanks, yes it looks like that this can do the trick.