NETMF Documentation

Can anyone point me to the documentation for NETMF itself (not the GHI extensions).

When I press F1 on a NETMF element in Visual Studio 2010 I either get very out-dated information (OutputPort gives a page that states “Available in .NET Micro Framework version 2.0, 2.5”, for example) or information intended for the full .NET framework which has many features not available in NETMF (Timer for example). I found a Documentation folder in the NETMF SDK installed on my computer, but the files in that will not open either by double-clicking in Windows 7 or by adding them to the documentation library in VS. I’ve looked in the obvious places on line as well and none of them seem to have documentation either for download or online.

If I could find a CHM file similar to “GHI Electronics NETMF Library.chm”, but covering the NETMF library itself, I’d be very happy!

urll from GHI download page

Thanks, Mike. That is what I was looking for, though I’d still prefer to have it downloaded on my own machine.

GHI: As a suggestion, it would be a good idea to instal documentation shortcuts in your start menu folder on installation to make it easier for newbes to find it. Even your own help files have to be hunted for in the installation folder!

Everything you need is here :slight_smile: Support – GHI Electronics

OK, so put that link in your “GHI Electronics” start menu folder! :wink:

It is the top level menu item named “Downloads & Tutorials” on this forum.

I think JohnH is talking about the GHI SDK installer. It can install a Link to the documentation on the GHI Electronics program folder.

The link can point to the website [permalink] - makes it easier.

I think it is a good idea.

I like the idea of having this link in the start menu :wink: