NETMF Documentation Update

Today we are happy to announce the release of datasheets for the G30, G80, G120, and the G400. Each datasheet contains key specifications for each product and a complete pinout table and can be found under the core system’s resources. The datasheets are purposefully kept specific to each board so you will not find generic information on how to use a given feature within the datasheet.

Instead, we are also releasing a preview of the updated NETMF Manual today. This manual contains an introduction on the basics of NETMF as well as a short introduction to C#. These introductions can be used on any NETMF device and are not specific to GHI products. The manual also contains a list of more advanced topics and links to our help documents (which can now be found on the NETMF support page itself) for those seeking additional information. One such document is the newly created GHI Bootloader document that covers how to access the bootloader and gives an explanation of each command for the two bootloader versions in use today.

Going forward, our plan is to continue to improve the NETMF Manual and the various help documents. We appreciate any and all feedback that you might have.

G30 Datasheet:
G80 Datasheet:
G120 Datasheet:
G400 Datasheet:
NETMF Manual:
GHI Bootloader document:


This is great! I know newcomers are going to love the new NETMF manual.

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Nice job! Time to publish a print edition book! :wink: