Netmf and Windows IOT..what the difference or the same?

Confused…how is netmf same or different to windows IOT, does this mean we have a new platform to learn? Is it an upgrade of netmf? How doesd GHI products fit into this picture?

Netmf run on a much smaller and lower cost systems. Windows is a lot more powerful.

Thanks Gus…so i assume GHi is working on hardware to support windows iot?

They may be, but why? Windows IoT on any new platform is still a lot of work for anyone, and there’s three key hardware platforms that are supported today (RPi, MBM, Dragonboard 410c see [url][/url])

@ anthonys - I think a very important difference between .NetMF and Windows IoT is that Windows IoT is an operating system whereas .NetMF are apps that run on the metal without a traditional OS. Now this has all sorts of implications as mentioned it changes the amount of resources required on the device, but also this changes other things such as security requirements as well. Certainly Microsoft understands that having both are very important to offering a complete IoT ecosystem so its not like one is going to replace the other as they occupy different spaces in the IoT world.



All of the HATs are made to work with Windows 10 IoT Core. Pretty easy to work with, too.

Biggest advantage, IMO, of using IoT core is combining sensors with the Universal Windows Platform app model (full XAML for building UIs).

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