NETMF and SD card speeds

Hello all,

it has been a very long time since I was on this Forum. Maybe some of you still remember me? :slight_smile:

I’m about to create a second version of the video player I made years ago ([url][/url] video’s are missing though but the pictures are still there).

The easiest would be if I still could use the EMX, it would save me from having to redesign the PCB. The only other option would be G120 (G400-S is too big).

Some questions:

  1. Can I run the latest GHI NETMF firmware on the EMX?
  2. Has GHI already improved the SD-card transfer speed? Back in time it was really slow (<300KB/s) and I wrote a RLP library to get more speed (4.4MB/s), this worked most of the time but the debugger really had hard times with it. I had to reflash the bootloader+firmware to recover sometimes, not fun. So please tell me that I would not need to do this in RLP anymore.
  3. If point 2 is still not improved, is there a possibility to hook up a JTAG to the G120, wipe NETMF and program everything in C/C++ (using gcc f.e.) ?

Hoi Wouter,

can’t really answer your questions but if you are looking for speed this might be a good look [url][/url]

or see this one


Thanks for all the answers so far!

@ RobvanSchelven - Nope, not improved or nope I don’t need the RLP solution anymore ?:slight_smile:

@ WouterH - Sorry i was not clear enough… Speed has not improved in netmf