NETMF and Gadgeteer on Windows 8 - Tips and Tricks thread

Per @ ianlee74’s suggestion (, I’m starting a thread for tips, tricks, and gotchas for running NETMF and Gadgeteer on Windows 8.

While I have not yet installed NETMF and/or Gadgeteer on Windows 8 RTM, I have been running these (with Visual Studio 2010) on the Windows 8 Release Preview for weeks with no issues at all.

The only gotcha I encountered was during installation, when trying to run the GHI installer package. Because this isn’t a frequently-downloaded file, Windows’ SmartScreen filtering warns that it may be dangerous, and it isn’t immediately apparent how to get around this.

If you attempt to install the GHI NETMF and .NET Gadgeteer package, and you see a screen that says “Windows protected your PC”, click the “More info” link, which will give you the option to run the setup executable anyway. IIRC, this warning shows up several times during the setup process, so you may have to do this more than once.

Don’t get in the habit of bypassing the SmartScreen warning without thinking through things. The usual cautions about only running code that you know you can trust apply.

I downloaded the package, and 7-Zip wouldn’t open it. Windows Explorer would, though, so I know the file wasn’t corrupt. Could that be due to SmartScreen?

Not likely at all, I don’t think. SmartScreen (to my knowledge) doesn’t modify anything. It just consults a list of known malware, and commonly-downloaded files, and warns the user if a file being downloaded is either on the known list of malware, or if it’s not on that list, and also isn’t on the list of commonly-downloaded files (different warnings, of course).

From this thread:

It looks like there may have been something about the package that some 3rd party ZIP utilities didn’t like, and seems like they managed to fix whatever it is.

Yeah, I saw they worked it out. I’ve never seen anything blocked by SmartScreen, just the old Windows 7-style “unblock” for .exe files. I didn’t know exactly what form it would take.

My overall opinion on 8 so far is, “very nice, but every time a Metro (ahem, I mean Modern) app comes up, I want to punch someone.” What a horrible waste of two 25" monitors that UI is.

I think a punching bag costs less than two big monitors :slight_smile:

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