.NetMF 4.4?


when the GHI boards will support 4.4?


I would guess:

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Actually no, not soon. This question came up before and the answer was it would be about two months from the day we start but we haven’t started yet.

4.4 is not a priority since our current sdk is very stable and there is no guarantee going to 4.4 will make things better. We plan on testing 4.4 before the switch.

I did not understand your reply but yes we are awesome :slight_smile:

I just checked and, yup, GHI is a business. Customers vote with their dollars (euros, forint, lei, etc). So, because I personally believe they are smart folks who care about their families and incomes, I am sure that GHI is carefully weighing what the WHOLE of their customer base needs and what that customer base is voting for with their dollars.

I’m pretty sure for a suitably large contract sum, 4.4 would become an instant priority. That hasn’t arisen yet I suppose, though I am sure they would welcome your business in this area.


I am sure no one, including you, wants an unstable 4.4. We spent the last two years making sure our current sdk is top notch. So when we offer 4.4, we have to be 100% sure it is going to be better than what we have today.

Also remember that, either way, we are doing work for you, the customer. Whether we put our time in 4.4 or current sdk or website our documentation, all our time is yours, at no charge. We decide on how to utilize that time through the feedback we get from our community and commercial customers.

So you and everyone else can always provide feedback on what they like to see come next. We are always listening and we always try our best. For that, we are awesome :slight_smile:

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@ mcalsyn - correct. We spent that last two months improving the current sdk even further, adding CDC to G30 for example. We could have easily not improved the current sdk and simply switched to 4.4 with a possibly unstable release out today! Either way, it is two months of work.

Believe me, we really want to see 4.4 on all our devices ASAP but quality comes first.


From my point of view, quality is good at least since V4.3.6. (still the Version we use for production)
Of course there were some G400 issues, and new boards as well, which have no impact on me.
But I thought I read that you will wait for the official 4.4 release, which is out for a while now, and plus 2 Month then.

What do I expect from 4.4:

  1. May be a even more robust networking, and may be even a bit more networking performance.
  2. The possibility to leave the USB cable connected, even when no Debugger is attached, without performance issues.

Specially the 2nd point is of high interest for me, because usually out NETMF device is a sidekick to a PC and installed all around the world.
We can get easily access to the PC. So if the USB cable would be connected, we could do anything, even loader updates without being on site (yes we can switch the reset and loader buttons by remote :smiley:

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Oh my intention wasn’t to start this fight! :frowning:

Just to know for plan some work on my side… :wink:

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But we love to fight :’(

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - ok but GHI is not our enemy


@ Gus - Speaking of updates, is Tinybooter still changing between SDK versions? This limits the usefulness of IFU, which has forced me to version-lock my production units to NETMF 4.2 and SDK Version 2014 R1, since version-locking is the only way I can get IFU to work reliably. I get a pang of regret every time I see a new SDK version that happens to fix a bug I’m working around or introduces a cool new feature, yet I’m unable to upgrade my boards in the wild in an easy manner because of all the Tinybooter changes.

We are not fighting. We are pushed and criticized to continuously improve. We love this community :wall: :slight_smile:

@ Iggmoe - Sadly, it still changes, now even for EMX (which was kind of stable before)…

@ Iggmoe - that is the goal but looks like we keep finding little things.

Good things come to those who wait.

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