Netmf 4.4

does anyone have any idea when 4.4 should (I say should) be out?

I don’t know anything internal. Only what is on the blog…

From the last blog entry mentioning 4.4 ([url][/url]) :

“Next stop is RTM by end of August, or slightly after.”

So it is quite overdue by that measure, and probably going to arrive very shortly.

Found posted elsewhere, yesterday, from Lorenzo:

We are done with NETMF, we found a last minute hiccup with the SSL stack… that costed us more than two weeks unfortunately. it is now just a matter of signing binaries and fulfilling some chores. We expect to ship this week or slightly after.

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So they are not going to address issues/bugs reported on CodePlex? What a disappointment :snooty:

I’m really not sure how to interpret the state of the CodePlex issues - did everything issue-wise get ported forward to github or are those still live issues? Does anyone know of a Codeplex issue that shows up as closed on github, or, a CodePlex issue that is confirmed as still being an issue but not represented by a github issue?

Once netmf 4.4 is released, how long until GHI has its 4.4 stuff available?

@ mcalsyn - To my knowledge, only a few issues were addressed (like this one). So, every other issue that is not marked as Resolved or Closed is either not reviewed or not fixed.

It is about a month or two of work but we are not in a hurry to release anything until our internal testing is complete and we are happy with the results first. We will keep everyone informed.


Wow, like I asked this question in a timely manner. So we should plan to see it before the end of 2015 then. I like that timeline. I haven’t seen anything upcoming in terms of the feature set that turns heads.

I know that the Cerb Family is falling out of support but will there be a 4.4 for them as well? Gus?

I guess it’s a generational garbage collection algorithm for issues: if an issue is important enough, someone will reopen it on GitHub. Several months ago, I went through the CodePlex issues that we had opened ourselves and reopened the most important ones again on GitHub. Haven’t checked yet if they have been addressed or not though.

@ Cuno - Last time I checked, they were not happy about reopening/re-posting issues/bugs on GitHub. I am sure I could find several instances where this was told explicitly.

I am sure I have read that they are still using the codeplex issue list as a basis for bug fixes etc. They are moving them over to GitHub as and when they become active. You should post new issues to GitHub but keep voting on codeplex issues if they affect you.

@ iamin - Oops, I have never seen that :-[

I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I wouldn’t hold my breath.

@ Cuno, haven’t seen them either, but than again I do not look at [em]all[/em] reported issues that closely.

As far as I can see all but one of your in July reported issues are moved to 4.5 beta …

@ godefroi - I guess .Peter. underwater there in his profile pic isn’t holding his breath either :slight_smile: