NETMF 4.4 progress

I have been watching NETMF 4.4 development progress on GitHub lately. I must admit, I like what I see. After such a long period of stagnation there is some “movement”. Of course, I would like to see more people getting involved, but I think that will happen once stable v4.4 is released.

I have started this topic to let the community know that it looks like they have started moving reported issues from CodePlex to GitHub. The first issue they have decided to fix - slow downs when debugger is not attached (USB slowdown due to timeouts if no debugger attached. · Issue #188 · NETMF/netmf-interpreter · GitHub). I think that is a very good pick.

UPDATE: That was fast! This issue is fixed.


… and among very other fixes or features, they (mainly cw2, I think) are working on the gcc compiler effort for the STM32 MCUs. And I read that AOT is up for the next major release … I hope …

Aaaaand they are adding UWP stuff as we speak, plus want to delete old Lwip stack. They actually remove lots of stuff. I can’t describe of how happy I am to see obsolete code flying away…


Colin and company are having the time of their lives and living the dream. Stuff they have always wanted to do, and now that they have an official product home with budget, with a big green light for them. The funny part is they underestimated the appeal of .NetMF as once they got going, the interest level went beyond their expectations. .NetMF is a great idea and toss in AOT and it becomes an unbelievably great idea. I’ll go out on a limb here and state now that the future of .NetMF is far brighter then what Microsoft management realizes now and they are going to dam glad that they turned Colin and his team loose as they have a winner here and might be saving some butt there in the future.


@ Duke … that’s the spirit, positive vibes man, positive vibes … big thumbs up !!!

I can answer that for Gus… “soon!” :wink:

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We have upgraded to “real soon” :slight_smile:


Talk about pressure. There isn’t even a beta out from Microsoft and we are asking ghi for a delivery date. :slight_smile: and that is why we love this community.

I hope we won’t need an loader update for 4.4 again :wink:

Here you go, more pressure :slight_smile:

No seriously, a loader update is going to be required.

No question goes unanswered around here, even when you didn’t expect an answer. That is what makes this community great! :slight_smile:

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@ PiWi - Last time I talked to Colin he was a pretty happy camper.

You put the pressure on yourself when you upgraded the deadline to “real soon” :smiley:

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