Netmf 4.4 and ghi 2016 R1

Is it possible to run netmf 4.4 with ghi 2016 R1?

I am using an emx with an ehternet connection that has many exceptions. when exceptions occur I cannot close the ethernet and the open it again. I have to reboot the emx to recover. I have read that netmf 4.4 have made improvements with ethernet. Is this so? And how can I use it with emx or maybe when is the question?

No. None of GHI’s libraries support 4.4. A quick look at the support page would have answered this question.

@ elissard - we do not support 4.4 at this point and there is no confirmation that 4.4 will solve your issue. However, we will happily try to help you if you give us more details.

I read that. Now for the real question. any plans to support it? If so, about how many months out. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Sorry I just say your Responce gus. It’s wierd if I disconnect and then reconnect the Ethernet picks back up. But if I unplug the network switch to simulate a network power failure. I have to reboot the emx. So I have been trying to write code to close he Ethernet, and the start it about 1 minute later with a command. Then the open works. The IP address remains. But the network available flag never returns to 1. And the Ethernet does not work. Any instructions how to stop and the start the Ethernet again?

I am currently using GHI 2015 SDK. Maybe I should move to GHI 2016 SDK and retest.

Yes please. Use the latest pre release.

Ok. It will be a few days. But I’ll upgrade and see if it works better. I’ll let you know. Thanks.

Is the known bug associated with SSL fixed with either netmf 4.4 or GHI 2016 R1? (The one that is essentially a memory leak?)