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.NetMF 4.3 and G400 Chip Encrypting and Decrypting


In the past i used Microsoft.SPOT.Cryptography.Key_TinyEncryptionAlgorithm which was in 4.1. In 4.3 I seems to be missing something. Is there a compatible XTEA crypto? I need it to be able to decrypt Data encrypted with 4.1 devices.
How do I perform XTEA Encryption and Decryption on a G400 running 4.3?


available in our utilities:

Namespace: GHI.Utilities
Assembly: GHI.Hardware (in GHI.Hardware.dll) Version:

follow the link to “GHI Extensions” on our support page:

#3 will drop very soon then ;D


Thanks will do.


In the past I used this:

private static readonly byte[] IntializationVector = new byte[] { 0, 0, 2, 2, 3, 4, 31, 25 };
Key crypto = new Microsoft.SPOT.Cryptography.Key_TinyEncryptionAlgorithm(CryptoKey);
crypto.Encrypt(UnEncryptedBlocks, 0, 8, IntializationVector).CopyTo(CardBlocks, 20);

I don’t see a place to insert an Intialization Vector.

In GHI’s version what IV is used?


@ mPatterson557 - The IV in 4.1 was something specific to Microsoft’s full crypto implementation. XTEA itself does not use an IV so our implementation does not either.


Awesome thanks.


The IV is a pretty critical part of symmetric encryption. I suggest that you tack one on manually if security is important.


any thoughts on how to do that?