Netmf 4.2 availability?


I have a product using EMX boards and am experiencing memory leak issues. This means that I cannot release my product :-O.

I see from various searches that NetMF 4.1 has known issues in the GC area :-(( - but that these are fixed in 4.2.

So -what are the timescales for GHI to release a compatible version please ??.

OR - can I use current (4.1) GHI code with NetMF 4.2 ??

I have added a couple of Debug.GC(true) calls every 30 seconds in my own code but it still reports varying memory usage.

My app currently uses serial ports, SD Card and queues with multiple threads (Q’s sync’d), with Ethernet interface to follow :-O.

Finally - are there any NetMF tools to replace DumpHeap, which MS seem to have dropped :-((. There certainly seems to be a NEED for such a tool.

Many Thanks

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I seriously doubt your leak issue is related to 4.1. I must be bug in your code.

Info on the plans for 4.2 is in a sticky post on this forum.

Most common problem for memory leak is when you do not empty the serial port data properly.

If you have all those things and NOT ethernet yet, and you’re running out of memory on an EMX, then you have a code problem for sure. Something isn’t being cleaned up when it should. Forcing GC may be necessary occasionally but in most cases watching what is changing in your memory is the best indicator of what you need to track down.


Thanks for the replies. Yes indeed my biggest issue was indeed a bug in my code - as I also expected ;-)). I was leaving some ‘messages’ on a queue because I had disable the Ethernet port temporarily :-((.

The GC debug prints however do appear to change at times (hence my concern), but they have remained pretty stable since fixing this bug.

I am still however disappointed that MS decided to remove code which would allow the heap to be walked (DumpHeap) :-((. That would have told me immediately what was being left in memory :-((.

Thanks for your help though.

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