.NETMF 4.2 And Fez Panda II Libraries

First, I hope I am not repeating any other requests regarding this issue. I am new to Fez Panda II and this forum so I am still stumbling around a bit…

I have code that drives the Sure Electronics 2416 LED panels that works with the Netduino (Secret Labs). I decided to upgrade to a Fez Panda II for its advanced features (particularly the extra IO ports)!

Well unfortunately my existing code uses the new variable bit lengths introduced to the SPI class in .NET Micro-framework 4.2. It seems the Panda libraries are compiled against .NET MF 4.1 and thus wont work with my code :frowning:

What is the general procedures for the Panda libraries being recompiled and updated (who/ when/ and how often are they updated)? Is there a beta copy of the libraries available for use with .NET MF 4.2? Is there library source code available so I could recompile them?

Thanks for any input…can’t wait to move my project to the Panda II!!!

  • Courtney

4.2 SDK is supposed to be released by GHI in 1Q 2012 with the final release of NETMF 4.2.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Just for future benefit…how did you know that release date? Is there somewhere GHI posts that type of information (release dates, notices of new builds, etc)?

Thanks again…

I forgot to say “Welcome to the forums!”

If you hang out here long enough you’ll pick up this kind of info through other posts. AFAIK this specific info isn’t posted anywhere on the main page.

I thought 4.2 was already “released to manufacture”…

Is it is release to the “manufacture”, release to GHI. Now GHI needs to release it to end users. As mentioned before, the schedule is 1Q/2012

I’d like to start coding using VB.NET: is it planned a beta before 2012?

Is there any news on 4.2 support for the Panda II? I’ve looked around and can’t find anything. I’d need to make sure VB.NET is going to be supported before I proceed with a purchase.

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There is no 4.2 yet and there may not be plans in future. The good news is we have an open source 4.2 port starting point. Here it is if interested http://usbiziopen.codeplex.com/

The other option is cerbuino bee

Yikes so GHI may not even update the Fez Panda II to work with 4.2 MF (expect maybe if users do it themselves through open source)? Does this mean that the Fez Panda II is pretty much a deprecated product then?


Not deprecated, certainly commercial outfits that need a module less powerful/cheaper than EMX would continue to use USBizi. As hobbyists we’re severely biased toward new/fast/shiny when commercial outfits are biased toward stable.

Expect USBizi and friends to be around for some time yet.

It is not depreciated. 4.1 support will always be there for FEZ Panda II. For 4.2 there is an open source firmware which is USBiziOpen project.

Yes, what godefroi said is true. Commercial users need something very stable and so far 4.1 is more stable than 4.2! This is what 4.3 should bring in near future, better performance and more stability.