NETMF 4.2 Alpha Available

Here are the details:


Two questions:

[li]Can we test this version with current release of GHI SDK or do we have to wait for GHI beta ?[/li]
[li]I can see in feature list that PWM found it’s way to core libs. Is this your contribution Mike? What will happen with GHI version of PWM?[/li]

It is too early to talk about this. Even if we did tests on 4.2 it will be all internal. Not to worry, GHI always gets you the latest once it is released.

GHI did pass on our pwm and analog implementation to Microsoft but I haven’t personally check if they used it as is or if they changed it

Looks like a good list. Most of our hit list:

AES, SHA, et al !
StreamReader.Readline() bug fix !
Hex ToString() formatting

This is how PWM looks like in the Alpha release:

    public class PWM : IDisposable
        public Cpu.Pin Pin { get; private set; }
        public double Frequency { get; set; }
        public double DutyCycle { get; set; }
        public uint Period { get; set; }
        public uint Duration { get; set; }
        public PWM(Cpu.PWMChannel channel, double frequency_Hz, double dutyCycle, bool invert) {...}
        public PWM(Cpu.PWMChannel channel, uint period_us, uint duration_us, bool invert) {...}
        public void Dispose() {...}
        extern public void Start();
        extern public void Stop();
        extern public static void Start(PWM[] ports);
        extern public static void Stop(PWM[] ports);

Nice. Looks like you can change period and duration independently while running. Also stop/start multiple atomicly.

Where can one find the ‘most comprehensive’ release notes for the versions of .net micro framework?

Regards, Phil.

Here is where the .NET Micro project is hosted.