NETFM article in Elektor

I just checked out the new Elektor and found a 4page article about NETMF which shows off several of GHI’s devices.

You can get the article for 10 Elektor credits at this link:

I’m having difficulty getting registered on that site… Will try again later.

BTW, is there a U.S. based magazine that is similar that anyone suggests? The cost to subscribe to Elektor from the U.S. is too high.

I think Elektor is peered in the US to “Circuit Cellar”. This is a good magazine, but as usual the best is to give it a try before subscribing :wink:

I’d be more than happy to send the Article to anyone @ GHI (If they don’t have it already, I guess Elektor has contacted them before writing it).

It’s really an article for newbies so I don’t think it’s worth it to anyone with 10k+ exp :smiley:

I just posted about it here because I’m happy Elektor published this with a big emphasis on GHI products so hopefully business will pick up = more members in the community = more code & info in the Wiki.

And they’ve used netduino image. Does the article talk about netduino as well?