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Netduino Mini


Meet the new Netduino Mini


Wow that is one tiny unit. Cheap too. I guess it is time for the Fez Nano!



You can’t directly compare fez to other netmf devices. Yes all run the same core but GHI adds a lot of value, like wav playback, USB serial emulation, etherenet support, debug+virtual com, one wire, 4bit real sd interface supporting any size sd card, infield update, outputcompare…too many to list here. You do not see these on any device on the market.

When someone has problem or someone is looking for new feature we work on it and support you. We do not ask you “do you want to do the work?”.

Not to forget the faster processor and the outstanding firmware quality


yeah Gus, I love the value-add that you GHI guys bring to the equation. Competition is always good, and this just helps reinforce the fact that there are differences in offerings - plus brings more visibility to NetMF as well which has to be good for us all.


Since GHI started with netmf years ago, we almost didn’t see any new device which is surprising since netmf is really a great thing and it is free! It is good news that we are now starting to see new devices and I even look forward to the device that really brings more to netmf not just use one of the ports offered by Microsoft. The more ports, the more netmf get out there

Do not be surprised if you see 10 companies offering netmf in few month. Netmf is really great


Hey Gus,

I wasn’t deprecating the Fez products in any way. I own a Fez Domino and plan to get a Cobra when they are back in stock. Not only do you add all of the things you mentioned, the Fez is 50% faster than the Netduinos. However I can see a use for something that tiny and cheap.

I also look forward to someone producing a product that can equal a modern cell phone in capabilities. The iPhone, Androids and WP7 phones have an amazing amount of compute power.



I heartely agree, the more people that “see the light” the better, :wink:


ChipworkX comes pretty close… and I think the IPAQ would aswell

Cheers Ian


Is there a MF port for the ipaq?


Yep!! Powerful sucker too

There are quite a few now aswell lists a number of them…

Take a look

Cheers Ian


Thats the ipac not the ipaq. :wink:

I was thinking someone ported MF to the iPaq PDAs that HP/Compaq used to sell. ::slight_smile:



Sorry Ipaq / Ipac !! tormato / tamato

You still get the picture

Cheers Ian



I wonder why


Are you sure Architect!!

ConnectCore TM 9P 9215 is still being sold and there’s no mention of dropping support on the .net side…

They probably just changed the spec’s.

@ Eric : If IPAQ has windows CE does it not have a port already? (I’m not up on the IPAQ)

Cheers Ian


Windows CE has nothing to do with .NET, although it does contain the compact framework


I’m not saying that!

If it can support CE it obviously has the clout to support .net I’m just saying someone may have tried it.

Cheers Ian


(you guys might want to star ta new thread if you are goign to be talking about porting).

Anyone have any questions or anything about the the Mini? I have one like 6 inches away from me…


Shouldn’t netduino mini discussions be on say… the netduino forums? :wink:


Am I loosing it ???

I am sure that I saw a couple of other posts to this thread :wink:


You’re probably losing it Rajesh :wink: