Netduino.IP - A new networking stack?

Not exactly a lot of details known yet but hopefully this will help evolve native NETMF networking to be better. More options is always better.


[quote]And a whole new class of low-cost, NETMF-capable microcontrollers with integrated wireless connectivity is now arriving on the market.

I wonder if Chris has plans to port netMF onto one of these.

I wonder if Chris has plans to port netMF onto one of these.

Possibly. Any idea what microcontrollers he’s referring to? I don’t recall seeing anything like that yet. It sounds exactly like what we need NOW!

For some reason I am not very optimistic, but we’ll see.

did you say Agent ?

I think a totally outdated website is enough to raise concerns

We have had this fit a very long time, with even support for cc3000. Thanks to mip.

Folks, I think it’s in poor taste to use GHI’s public forums to disparage others in the NETMF community. Whatever issues may exist with other projects, there’s no constructive purpose in rehashing them here, IMO.

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@ devhammer - I guess you are talking about mentioning of the Agent by @ Brett.

Are you a backer? What do you think about the latest update? Just curious.

@ Architect - I’m not spending a lot of time thinking about it. I backed it because I thought it was important to support such an ambitious NETMF project, and I still hope it gets done eventually, but for the time being, I’ve put it mostly out of mind.

FWIW, too many people think of Kickstarter as a store for new stuff, rather than being an investment, and any investor will tell you that some investments don’t work out.

I also think too many folks are eager to ascribe bad motives, when other explanations would fit the evidence just as well.

I’ll leave it at that, as I don’t think it’s a productive discussion for a public forum, and most folks probably have already made up their minds. :slight_smile:

@ devhammer - I agree, and although it is nice to get something back for backing a project KS is definitely not a store.

As for the Agent there is no really a place to talk about it. Last update on KS was kind of an insult than an update. KS comments section is full of lynching mob at the moment. Agent’s community forum looks abandoned (pages and pages of spam posts). CW doesn’t reply to anything Agent related on Netduino forums or any other places. More an more people project their frustration on the NETMF as a whole.

So think this place is good as any to talk about it, although at this point there is not much to say unfortunately.

It’s an interesting development, but I think I’m with Cuno on this. A managed TCP/IP stack, while it does have some advantages, has some pretty big disadvantages as well.

Cuno and his team have proven that networking with lwIP can be quite stable if implemented correctly, and it sounds like the core team is working on just that.

Sorry if anyone thinks I’ve bought this discussion into disrepute. But I’m not going to apologise for it overly… I am sorry for swaying too far from topic though - but I’ll perpetuate it more

Agreed, the level of updates on Agent has dropped off and outwardly is almost bordering on “abandoned”. The forum is full of spam, with nothing meaningful appearing there. I get this is a project that has been hard, and that’s actually ok - I too backed it because it’s a technology I love and wanted to foster it’s wider adoption. I’m not baying for my money back or anything either, but something that was said in earlier updates was a regular cadence, which has never been recanted or apologised for, and I unfortunately feel this is a significant shortfall. To be focussed on other things (the IP stack post) might not show the community the right level of commitment to reducing the current roadblocks and keeping somewhat on track with the latest-plan.

A side note: As far as I know, networking is as stable on our devices as on any other nermf platform today, even with having much more to offer, Wi-Fi and ppp. However, all netmf devices are at 99% prefect now and need the update Microsoft talked about to be 100%.

But credit where credit is due, Cuno’s team produced a (much more) solid networking stack significantly ahead of GHI.

And no doubt Cuno’s team are a rocking bunch for sure, but even Cuno will tell you that there are some issues around networking that they didn’t take on and those are what the guys at Microsoft are taking an ugly stick to (and maybe a ‘little’ more). Networking was a huge concern but as it sits right now we are in excellent shape and with some of the work that is coming, I’m not sure the Netduino.IP solution is needed, but when it ships I’ll certainly be happy to take a look at it but I doubt I’ll pay any attention to it until it actually ships. My biggest interest is what Microsoft has coming down the pipe.


And let’s not forget that this market space is a relatively new space and that all contributions are equally important from established companies to the really smart guy or gal creating the next amazing module or mainboard in their garage or basement.

@ godefroi - Cuno the best thing that happened to netmf lately. Big thanks to him for the great contributions that benefited everyone including GHI. I never said otherwise. The point is that the networking is now usable, even commercially, in case someone new is reading these posts and wondering.


@ Gus - I don’t want to minimize any contributions here, certainly GHI has been keeping the NETMF flame alive for longer than any other active group, I believe. I just think that there’s still a lot of credit to spread around :slight_smile:

Hmm, thats powerful stuff right there from the man… well done. :slight_smile: