Netcore and TinyCLR

I’m experimenting NetCore 2.2 (and 3.0 preview) on the Raspberry CM 3+ running Raspbian OS on a china board. I’m really impressed!

I’ve ported many low level drivers from GHI Windows IOT and now my FEZ-Hat and FEZ-Cream regain new life (I was not happy with UWP Windows IOT) into Netcore on linux with success.
Interesting the gpio speed that can reach 800nS enough to run a thread to drive a 64x16 bicolor led matrix with 8 x Holtek chip.


What do you mean?

Are you sharing your code?

…the Raspberry CM 3+ running Raspbian OS on a china board…

Can you provide us with a link to this board ? Does it have any Ethernet port on it ??


in picture that blue board looks like
Waveshare IO Board (expansion IO Board for Raspberry Pi if i’m not wrong)

@valon_hoti_gmail_com the board is from Waveshare.
Low budget test board but good enough for me at the moment.
Unfortunately the board has no network at all, but I attached a RT3572 chip usb to wifi (Linksys). The guy at Waveshare strangely enough, is not using a classic LAN951x (SMC) chip for net and Usb, but an unkown (to me) FE1.1S hub usb chip.
But the board has some goodies, like USB slave to flash eMMC, ADC chip (weird jumper setup), DAC chip, IR, RTC, HDMI, 4xbuttoms, 3xleds, 2xCamera and 2xDisplay connectors, 5xUsb, Serial to USB cp2102 chip, uSD and all GPIO0 to GPIO44 pin. As usual docs are very minimal and confusing.
The goal is to design my own board in the near future for a specific application.

Balenafin This is very good board, but at a different budget.

@Gus_Issa of course the code will put on github as soon as It gets ready. At the moment the hardware is accessed via wiringPi Gordon’s lib, using Unosquare good wrapper, but I’m experimenting PiGpio lib. I’m not able to use PiGpio without sudo permission, damned.

NOTE: I forgot to advise that MS is working on IOT devices and code&docs can be found here on github:


Thanks for the link !