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.NET Segway


This would be fun to build with a .NET Micro Framework device:


That is a very clever idea ;D


Really nice!!


I have been thinking about doing this. Two sensored RC ESCs and motors, and some i2c IMU. Would be very easy with hobby parts.


I’m amazed that the Lego version uses a single sensor. I’d like to build the slightly more advanced version that Chris mentions. Maybe based on the FEZ Mini Robot, but without the circular base.

What’s the cheapest HW to add to this? I was playing with the SMB380 that’s sold on the TinyCLR site. Seems like I’d also need a gyro. Anything else?


And here I thought a spinning Fez was cool. :o lol


Poor fez is getting dizzy! lol


you mean something like this. fez panada tink kit razor imu and a vex robotics hardware kit :wink:


sweeeeeeeet! Where is the video? please please please :slight_smile:


Woah, I could make one of those, but I don’t have the parts for the chassis :frowning:


Second that. I am interested to see how well it works.


That’s very cool. I’d love to see video and get build details! Very nice!


I would like to have something like this eventually: ;D


yeah i need to pull it back out so i can finish turning left and right and so on. Put it on the back burner getting ready for sparkfun avc. Was going to hook it up to the ti watch to control it.