NET Native

I’ve heard about this a week ago, will this be working on the boards that we have, or is it only for computers? I haven’t tried it out myself yet so I don’t have a real idea on how it works. Machine code is what the processor runs correct?

I don’t think that refers to the .NET Micro Framework, which is (or at least was) a subset of the full .NET Framework.

In all probability, the two have diverged somewhat, but the concept of .NET Native is almost certainly targeted at the full .NET Framework, rather than NETMF.

Indeed. .NET Micro Framework shares no implementation bits with the desktop framework. If NETMF gets native compilation, it will be completely separate from .NET Native on the desktop.

Current native compilation is for UAP. Intent is to have it works where UAP works. (UAP = Universal App Platform)

In the interest of being more transparent here, I can say we’re researching/considering native compilation in NETMF over the long-term.

Others are correct here, though, that it would be pretty separate from (or a fairly large extension of) the current native compilation approach.

No promises here and no timeframe or additional details at this point. This is something that needs more research and dev on our part before it could be real. It also needs to be weighed against other options for performance optimization etc.



Without making promises, detailing a time frame or discussing additional details (too much); would you be able to discuss in general terms the options that exist for performance improvements in NETMF? I’m not trying to push the NETMF team in any particular direction, I’m just interested in the topic.

Cheers and thanks for NETMF!