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.Net MicroFramework Math Library


so i need to get Distance from two latidute and longitude points on globe,
so to calculate i need Atan2, Cos, Sin…, so what can i do, write again this formulas or there is some Class which already written :frowning: plz help


Yeah, I have one. See FEZZer.


GHI provides a much better math lib than the standard one


yes but i need ACOS, ATAN2…, there is not


These can be built based on the functions already existed in the lib I mean instead of building on top the standard NETMF ones…this is for much higher accuracy


Those functions are in the GHI MathEx library. Everything you need to calculate bearing and distance is there with double precison.



Yes they are all already there:


Teeeeeeenx Mike, it helped Me, already i am writing manually this formulas but something was going wrong :frowning: and know everythin is OK! !!! ;D ;D ;D