Apparently STM has a .Net Micro port for this evaluation board. I’d be really interested in the experience of anyone who actually used it. Will I have to do a lot of work to get .Net Micro running on it? Assuming I can accomplish that, is it reasonable to assume that I’ll be able to run my existing Raptor/G400 programs on it without too much modification? Any other comments will be greatly appreciated.


As long as you don’t use anything from the GHI Namespace, your code should run on any NETMF board with the same capabilities like GPIO, SPI, I2C, …

if you download the netmf kit from st you’ll get the netmf binaries and instructions how to install and with examples for GPIO, PWM, SPI, LCD, Touch, etc…

But you will have to stick to plain netmf.

One more question. The microcontroller on the 32F429IDiscovery looks like it has 8 UARTS. Any idea if the .Net Micro port provided by STM will support all 8? Is is correct to assume that Cuno and his team wrote the .Net Micro port that STM provides?

I don’t know if that’s officially an Oberon / CSA port, but it certainly did use the work they put into the porting kit.

I also think that this is only a 4.3 RTM port - which means there’s probably some good things that have been addressed that aren’t in that firmware. I’d love to have the later builds to leverage… if this is an Oberon port, it’d be great if @ Cuno and team could update it for the latest QFE build.

@ Bret, you are right it is 4.3 only. I am using Justin’s 4.3.1 port and it works just fine.

[quote=“scardinale”]@ Bret, you are right it is 4.3 only. I am using Justin’s 4.3.1 port and it works just fine.[/quote] minus display though, right ?

@ Brett - Yes, no display. If I need to use the Display, I reload the 4.30 Firmware and use a separate Dev Machine with 4.3.0 on it.

Perhaps someday, ST/Cuno will eventually upgrade the firmware to 4.3.1.

There is the talk about making it work for Netmf 4.4 …

Read more about this on Support for recent GCC toolchain and STM32F4-Discovery board · Issue #26 · NETMF/netmf-interpreter · GitHub

@ PiWi - That would be nice but I’m not holding my breath.