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.net Micro in VisualStudio Extensions


Hello … it’s been a while^^

I haven’t used my FEZ Hydra stuff for a while, so I decided to install the latest version.
I followed the Instructions on the website ( ) but I got stuck when searching for the .net Micro extension.
Couldn’t find a separate installer for this… but I guess it must work somehow. any tipps?

Can it be that my old Projects made in visualStudio10 aren’t compatible… or is that cuz the extension is missing?

greets evul


You can download integrations for VS directly here and install them

also if you have VS that isn’t supported, you can download VS 2013 community edition which is free


Thank you for the fast reply.
But I guess I still made some mistake anywhere.

If I want to create a new project, I can’t find the “Gadgeteer” … basic thingy, where I can choose my components in this graphic window.
So… that’s probably also the reason I can’t open old project.

I have now VisualStudio Community 2013 and I installed the "netmf-v4.3.2-SDK-R2-Beta"
Also found the .NET Micro Framework VSIX Extensions … I think and installed it

Is there anything else missing? Too bad the oldwebsite doesn’t exist anymore… I did like that “To get started” site somehow more (for hobby-programmers like me)

thanks for support
greez evul


you can also follow steps from here


Oh, that looks more simple :smiley:
I’ll try it, thank you for your help at this late time^^

greets evul

Edit: Those instructions worked perfectly fine. :smiley: