.NET Micro Framework Boards

.NET Micro Framework Boards

.NET Micro Framework

The .NET Micro Framework is .NET for small and resource constrained devices. It offers a complete and innovative development and execution environment that brings the productivity of modern computing tools to this class of devices.

For current .NET developers, this means that they can now create applications that run on a range of devices from targeted devices like remote controls to PCs and Servers and on to the cloud – all with the same programming model and tools.

For current Embedded developers, this means that they can now leverage the productivity gains that have been achieved on the desktop and reduce their time to market.

The .NET Micro Framework is a fully integrated Visual Studio experience brings a reliable and productive development system to the embedded world.

The typical .NET Micro-Framework device has a 32 bit processor with or without a memory management unit (MMU) and could have as little as 64K of random-access memory (RAM). The .NET Micro Framework supports rich user experience and deep connectivity with other devices.

Such devices include: consumer devices, consumer medical, home automation, industrial automation, automotive, sideshow devices / PC peripherals.

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For more on what the.NET Micro Framework is, please go to www.microsoft.com/netmf.

GHI is generous enough to give you all open source design files so you can make your own devices but please do not use our website as an advertising tool. It is bad enough you are using our FEZ trademark, which is not allowed.

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Maybe try posting it here http://www.netmf.com/ as it is Microsoft’s central NETMF website.

We hope this board will sell well for you and you will be making more NETMF devices soon.

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