.NET Micro Framework and Visual Studio 2012

Hello All,
We just received the Spider Tinker Kit and I was trying to start the “Hello World” project in the Getting Started document but as soon as I pick the Gadgeteer template I get the message

“The installed .NET Micro Framework does not support Visual Studio 2012”

The link for the latest version from CodePlex is exactly what I a have already downloaded and installed…

I followed the directions for installing everything from


so I should have all the latest downloads.

Visual Studio has Update 4 installed.

Any ideas why I cannot get this to work?


@ karenn

Have you tested a previous Version of NetMF?

All Systemrequirements should be installed!

Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.3 (QFE1)

All Steps 1 - 5 are important.

Thanks Wolfgang. So I started again and followed all the steps again but installed the older version of the SDK this time but now having issues installing GHI NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R5 (Step 4) It comes back with a error 1607: “Unable to install InstallShiled Scripting Runtime”. This is what is at the end of the log

3CEC:3494][2015-04-01T10:45:04]i301: Applying execute package: DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.3_Setup_amd64.exe, action: Install, path: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\676712FC14BC24F61C8DB296CC501E08CC58392E\DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.3_Setup_amd64.exe, arguments: ‘“C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\676712FC14BC24F61C8DB296CC501E08CC58392E\DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.3_Setup_amd64.exe”’
[3CEC:3494][2015-04-01T10:49:23]e000: Error 0x80070647: Process returned error: 0x647
[3CEC:3494][2015-04-01T10:49:23]e000: Error 0x80070647: Failed to execute EXE package.
[3AA0:1C50][2015-04-01T10:49:23]e000: Error 0x80070647: Failed to configure per-machine EXE package.
[3AA0:1C50][2015-04-01T10:49:23]i319: Applied execute package: DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.3_Setup_amd64.exe, result: 0x80070647, restart: None
[3AA0:1C50][2015-04-01T10:49:23]e000: Error 0x80070647: Failed to execute EXE package.
[3CEC:3494][2015-04-01T10:49:23]i351: Removing cached package: DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.3_Setup_amd64.exe, from path: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\676712FC14BC24F61C8DB296CC501E08CC58392E
[3CEC:3494][2015-04-01T10:49:23]i330: Removed bundle dependency provider: {46e2329b-f61f-405e-8d29-c35666ac6125}
[3CEC:3494][2015-04-01T10:49:23]i352: Removing cached bundle: {46e2329b-f61f-405e-8d29-c35666ac6125}, from path: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache{46e2329b-f61f-405e-8d29-c35666ac6125}
[3AA0:1C50][2015-04-01T10:49:24]i399: Apply complete, result: 0x80070647, restart: None, ba requested restart: No

No clue what is up now.


OK, I started from scratch again on another computer, used the older version and everything installed fine. There must be something left from my first try at installing that is conflicting and causing issues.

Thanks for the help!!