.NET MF Open Source

Does somebody know when microsoft first announced that .NET MF is becoming Open Source? Was it on 17. november 2009? Was some rumour before november 2009 about that? Is there a website or something else, where I can find a timeline of the .NET MF?

According to this: .NET Micro Framework - Wikipedia

Thank you for your tipp! Wikipedia was also my first idea, but I would like to have a more detailed timeline including the release dates of the final release, beta and so on…

I wrote my master thesis about .NET MF and i based the timeline on the entries on the official blog


That was the best source i found.

where can i find the the source code of all the libraries micro net ?

ie the webserver of the spider gives an opening page with text like: it works your spider webbserver

I believe you will find the MF source in the MF porting kit.

grab the source from here:

add the webserver41 or 42 to your project … and replace that line or remove it.
look in WebServerManager.cs i think line 67