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I need to add some functionality to some old .NET MF code in order to read from the uSD card. I think that functionality resides in the GHI.IO and/or GHI.IO.Storage assemblies. Didn’t there used to be documentation on the GHI website describing the GHI .Net Micro API? if so and it’s still available, can someone point me at it?


navigate to DOCS above, then NETMF, and all is still there…
.NET Micro Framework (ghielectronics.com)

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@Brett Thanks for the quick response. Of course I started at the GHI .NET Micro Framework page but couldn’t find what I was looking for. What I remember is a more detailed API document, so that I could find, for example, some description of all the methods available to read and write using the file system. Basically, everything in GHI.IO and/or GHI.IO.Storage. For example, I do a lot of writing to a uSD card using FileStreams and pretty much understand how to do that. But I vaguely remember other ways to access the file system. Some were very low level, basically at the byte level, and some were high level, maybe with the ability to read a CRLF terminated line from a file. And maybe there are alternatives to FileStreams. That’s the kind of stuff I’m looking for. Of course, it may have never been there and I’m just remembering incorrectly.

Yeah right, IIRC there used to be a generated help “site” that had every function call documented. There’s only this tutorial now…

Files (ghielectronics.com)