.Net MF and Visual Studio 2015


Can I run .net mf with the ghi drivers on Visual Studio 2015?

Actually NETMF runs just fine with VS2015.
Only Gadgeteer is not supported.
But you should switch back to the old C# compiler for NETMF projects, since the NETMF IL Interpreter might get in trouble with some IL code generated by the new Rosslyn C# compiler.
To switch to the old compiler you can use these scripts:

The support for 2015 is coming in few weeks.

@ Gus -

Actually I have downloaded the latest .NET Gadgeteer release a few days ago and installed within VirtualBox:

.NET Gadgeteer Core 2.44.1100

I just had to fix the good old “MMP : error MMP0000: 0x80131700” error and I was good to go:


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@ AWSOMEDEVSIGNER - You put the same link for the second point

@ Architect - Sorry, just fixed it. But it seems to work fine so far. Running VirtualBox on Linux, Windows 10 within VB and VS 2015 Community.

Hey awesome, you’re insulting the spider a bit … :whistle:

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@ .Peter. - Pretty happy with my current configuration. Much more stable than running on pure Windows.

Is “insulting the spider” some euphemism I don’t know about? Like “taming the yak” or “obfuscating the wildebeest”?

No, it is calling your project spider and using a cerb board … as in the pictures before …

@ .Peter. - That was an incident. It was indeed a cerb :slight_smile: . But in reality it is a spider. If you need more evidence let me know.

@ AWSOMEDEVSIGNER - Never mind, I was just confused and had to look twice at the picture and read the word spider … just kidding of course

@ .Peter. - I am glad this worked out somehow. The only thing that I don’t like is “somehow”. But I think we are going to see an official installer soon :slight_smile:

@ AWSOMEDEVSIGNER - The same over here, playing around with getting netmf 4.4 running on pure Air and it does but had to start several times or deploy multiple times at the beginning, now it is pretty stable and can keep continuing … but I reckon that’s what you get being a little bit on the bleading edge …

@ .Peter. - Agree. It’s some kind of masochistic fun, I cannot get enough of :slight_smile:

@ AWSOMEDEVSIGNER - Like this … using NetMf 4.4 and VS2015 …


@ .Peter. - Very nice :clap: