.NET MF 4.2 SDK 14th Feb Release and G120

I have an issue … I’ve done a clean install of the .NET MF 4.2 QFE2 and the 14th February SDK and I get none of the template projects from GHI when creating a new project.

If I also install the 4.1 SDK then I get the templates, but there is nothing in there for the G120.

If I use one of the other templates that appears after the 4.1 SDK is installed (say, a Panda II) then I get a new Panda II project but the project is for the 4.1 framework (which makes sense since those templates on appeared after I added the 4.2 SDK).

So, I have no idea of what I am supposed to do to create a G120 project. What is the correct DLL to include, for example? I can’t see anything for G120 or Cobra II in the .NET DLL list when I try to add a reference).

I’m assuming the SDK just hasn’t installed properly, but the installer gives no errors and says it succeeded. I’ve tried repairing it, uninstalling and reinstalling it, and installing it with Administrator elevation, with no luck.

The install is on a PC with Windows 8 Pro and I have VS2010 Premium installed (I’m an MSDN subscriber), along with VS2012 Premium and VS2008 Premium (yes, I use them all … need VS2008 for Compact Framework develoment). I have no other issues of any kind with my VS installs and I use them all every day.

When you create a Gadgeteer project 4.2 you should see Cobra II mainboard in the toolbox. Can you check that first?

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I’m running on Win8 with VC# 2010

When the SDK install works, you should see a “Gadgeteer” and a “micro framework” in the templates left pane as per the attached - you can see I have the 4.1 and 4.2 templates installed

Perhaps there’s an issue with VS2010 rather than VC#, but I know there are several other people here who run the same as you, so it doesn’t seem to be systemic, more something just with your setup?

Ack! I can;t tell you how long I’ve been creating Gadgeteer projects and manually adding all the references. I figured GHI had just broken the installer as I couldn’t add any other mainboards or modules to the Gadgeteer designer. I’ve just been doing it all manually. I had no idea they were in the Toolbox!!!


I had no idea the G120 was a Gadgeteer board, I thought it was a Premium offering.

Thanks for the help Architect!


You are welcome :slight_smile:

G120 is SoM that Cobra II runs on similar to what EMX on Cobra I and Spider. You can avoid Gadgeteer altogether and develop vanilla NETMF applications for G120.