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.NET MF 4.1 Info Available


For those interested in the enhancements for 4.1 this was released today by Microsoft.


We didn’t want bring this up here so there is no confusion for beginners.

We do NOT recommend anyone try 4.1 till we test our SDK with 4.1 and Microsoft releases the productin bits, not the beta.

If you are very confident about your kowledge then you can try 4.1 but you will be on your own.


Sure beginners beware…Wait until these guys say it’s OK.

The blog shows support for some new processors and a few other enhancements. Looking forward to the upgrade soon.


We did a very preliminary testing and all seem to be working just fine! So if you like to use VS2010 with beta 4.1 then it should work, but again, no support is provided till the non-beta 4.1 SDK is out.

If you are just starting out, do NOT use the beta and keep on using the 4.0 with Visual Studio 2008


I tested it with a fairly large application that utilized the Ethernet shield, as well as a bunch of other devices and libraries. Everything works great!

Can’t say I like the new color scheme of VS 2010 though. Yellow on Purple on grey? Ew.