.NET Gadgeteer in NEPA and NC


If you live in or near either Northeast PA or the Charlotte, NC area, I’ll be doing a couple of Kinect and Gadgeteer talks tomorrow (Saturday, April 28th - sorry for the late notice!) at TechBash:

and next Saturday, May 5th at the Carolina Code Camp:

I’d be very happy to see any fellow TinyCLRers who can make it, and both events are free.

Among the project I’m planning to demo are my IR Helicopter control project (including Windows Phone and Kinect), the Meeblipiator (using Pete’s MIDI module), and the canonical snake game using the Arcade Console enclosure.

I’m also doing an intro to Windows 8 development talk at both events, if that’s of interest.

Will there be a time when this kind of events happen in Europe? :frowning: Last years Emedded World in Nuremberg was the only exception but there were no presentations.

It would be great to see the MS uk guys do something. Especially as they were instrumental in creating the gadgeteer platform. Also guys like James from love electronics might be interested in taking part.