.net gadgeteer 10 pin connector P/N

Hi Guys,

My programmer is not so busy right now, so I decided to give him a little present in the form of an LCD breakout board for the Raystar 3.5" LCD we will put in our product’s custom board… :slight_smile:

This will give us a quick way to configure the Raystar LCD and touchscreen before our custom board arrives.

Can someone please post the .net gadgeteer shrouded 10 pin male header part number.




Original Samtec datasheet:


You can also get free samples from Samtec (~10pc).

Pete Brown found these as well:


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Thanks Architect,

Great to see it on Digikey as I am ordering the LCD ZIF connectors from them also.


You are welcome!

I’ll also add that Architect used to sell them if you don’t need high quantity. I assume he probably still does. I think Justin does also.