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.NET Gadgeeter doesn't work after a reset



Today, while I was trying to deploy a simple application on my FEZ Spider, it stopped responding. So, I tried to press the reset button on the board. However, when I released it, the screen of the display showed the information message (version, head size, etc.) and then went black. The FEZ Spider doesn’t answer anymore to ping.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance.

Marco Minerva.


Hi Marco, welcome to the forum.

My suggestion would be to try going into bootloader mode, like you were going to install a new firmware, and erase the app using MFDeploy. Sounds to me somewhat like a tight loop that won’t let the debugger attach.


Thank you for the reply… It could be that the last application I deployed is one that have a timer that fires every seconds? It could be the timer that causes the loop?


perhaps. Depends on what you exactly mean. Often if something goes “feral” and consumes all CPU cycles, the debugger can never get some cycles to attach. Erasing the app with MFDeploy allows you to go back to a known point and put on any previous app that you know still works to prove your hardware still works. i don’t know how experienced with NETMF you are, but there’s a good chance that you could have a problem in the latest change/s you made to your app and timer logic that is now causing this - erasing is a simple thing and easy way to get back to “known good” state


Connect MFDeploy and do erase if you can. Then only connect the display module and try to power the board from power pack.



I managed to erase the deployed program. However, now when I power the board, sometimes after the usual messages (version, MAC address, heap size, ecc.), appear a message for a few instants (so I can’t read it), and then the display turns white. Again, in this case I can’t ping the module.

After some resets, the device resumes its functionalities.

What could be the cause of the problem? Perhaps the message that appears on the screen tells me the reason, but I can’t read it :frowning:

Thanks for the attention.

Marco Minerva


This is a long shot :

Are you able to ping from MFDeploy ? If not, can you go throught the steps of updating the firmware.


I sent you a direct email. I will try to help you better.


Rajesh, the problem is that the board somethings responds to ping, something not, even if I have erased the program I deployed on it.

Marco Minerva


My suggestion is to try a different Gadgeteer cable between FEZ Spider mainboard and the USB Client DP


Hi all!

It is very strange, but after a day of inactivity, now my FEZ Spider works like a charm!

Thanks for your help, and happy coding :slight_smile:

Marco Minerva