.Net dash button

Who will put TinyCLR on Amazon dash button?

I am curious what is the difference between the $20 developer edition and the $5 regular ones.


Let me know if you should order a few, as I am in the US next week… And are not available in EU.

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Sure, let Gus do all the coding, tech talks, support… I needed a raise :wall:

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needed = past tense, so you gave yourself one? Nice !!

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Since I have dash buttons, that I obtained some time ago


I think I will try this project.

@ Gus, so the Dash button is functionally equivalent to the Particle Photon?

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And 500 Holey boards.


Question: Since “the core and photon use C++ with some nice little functions to make it like the arduino language” then, if we port the .netmf sdk to this version of C++, then won’t we be able to deploy the .netmf on any arduino device that has enough resources to handle it?

The ‘arduino language’ is really just a C wrapper that does platform initialization and calls setup() once and then loop() repeatedly. Other than that it’s just C/C++.

The ability to run Arduino doesn’t tell you much about a platform. The requirements for netmf are just going to be enough documentation to boot the chip; enough speed to run the interpreter; enough flash for the firmware and enough RAM for the heap.

EDIT: and a C compiler. I also would not attempt a netmf port if you can’t do jtag/swd debugging on the target platform.

@ cyberh0me - Is there something you’re trying to say? ???