Needing help with the ALFAT-SD Module

I am very new to this area of electronics and have a couple questions in reguars to the ALFAT-SD Module.

The first one is fairly simple I believe. I was needing some way to datalog some information from a project I was working on and did some searching that led me to an old post on the PICAXE forums that talked about the uALFAT-TF. This interested me and that is how I found out about the GHI boards. I decieded to go with the ALFAT-SD Module but one difference that I am finding is that apparently on the uALFAT-TF there was a DATARDY pin (Pin 1) on the board, that does not seem to exist on the ALFAT-SD board. How do I monitor if there is data to be read from the ALFAT-SD board?

The second question is as follows, It appears to me (and I may be mis-understanding this) that there is something similar to a splash screen that happens upon powerup of the card.

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ALFAT SoC Processor

While troubleshooting my circuit I noticed that every time I reset my microprossesor (not the ALFAT-SD) that I was getting the next character in the screen. Because I was not expecting this, I did not design a way to get through this. Does this screen/data always happen at power-up of the ALFAT-SD? Is there a way to disable this? Or is it simply that I do not have the MODE configured correctly and so it is going into this state automatically. (I am trying to connect to it via I2C mode.) I know I have communication because I am recieveing the next bit every time I reset my microproccessor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time in this matter.

uALFAT and ALFAT are similar but not identical. It maybe best to start with ALFAT manual and example code provided.

I would repeatedly send I2 read transactions and see what comes back.

Welcome to the community.

OK so I programed a basic loop program to see exactly what was happening. I then integrated that loop into my project code and have now gotten past the “Splash” or “Welcome” screen (or whatever it is called). :slight_smile: Now I just have to work out the rest of the coding for the actual use of the ALFAT-SD. (Hopefully I do not have any issues with that…)

That just leaves the question of a way to monitor if there is data ready to be transmitted from the ALFAT-SD. If possible, I dont want to be constantly asking the ALFAT-SD if there is data waiting or not.

It will only send data when you ask for it. So you know when data is available to read.

Ok makes since. This brings to mind one more question. If I understand correctly, I should see a 0x00 after every command letting me know that the command was completed successfully. Is this correct to assume?

Yes you get back !00

Thank you for your help. Hopefully the rest of the coding I need will go smoothly. :slight_smile: