Need to send SMS

someone can suggest me the simpler way to send a SMS starting from a Fez Panda II? Basically I have the board that makes some monitoring on local ethernet devices, and I need to add something (a shield) to send alert SMS in a really simple way.


Sparkfun offers a cellular shield.

Most wireless vendors have an email gateway for sending SMS.For example, to send an SMS message to a Verizon phone, you send an email to 5555551212@, where 5555551212 is the area code and wireless number.

I believe someone posted SMTP code recently, which is what you will need to send email from a FEZ.

You would use an Ethernet Shield.

I have my own SMS gateway, but I cannot send them using Internet and I need that the device is autonomous.

Saprkfun: this?

Is different from this?

However, all I need is a shield as that, and I will found a serial port where to send some custom string message to send the SMS?