Need to replace some Cobra v1.3 in my system!

Hi everyone,
In 2011 I developed a project to monitor some industrial processes. The system is already online and is composed by 30 cobra terminals with an RFID reader and connected to a windows server pc. These devices are equipped with a small touch screen and comminucate with the pc via socket.
Now the system must be increased and some terminals must be replaced, but I cannot find the same hardware anymore… so my fear is that I have do develop the terminal again from scratch and this option is not so good… do you know if I can find some other hardware like the one I have, or which other solution you can suggest me to replace the terminals with the small effort possible (from the hw and sw point of view…)
Thank you everyone for you help!

Not sure of your volumes but GHI might be able to help with a run of these boards but using the G120E as the EMX is obsolete now. Apparently the G120E is as drop in replacement for the EMX and faster too.

If that is not possible, you would need to re-engineer the board using the G120E yourself. As the schematic etc are still available for your board, this would not be such a big task.

Hi Dave,
Thanks for your answer…
I will wait for an answer from someone of ghi, in the meanwhile could you please post me the address of my board’s schematics?

Go to search and then choose the discontinued option to find old links.

This is the Fez Cobra you are looking for.

Updating this design to G120E is quite trivial if you have PCB design skills :slight_smile:

Thanks again!
And about the second image attached to my first post? The touchscreen LCD board I mean…
Thanks Dave.

This is exactly the product I used…

But MOQ of 100 is really too much…

Can anyone from GHI help me with smaller quantity?
I need 10 of them…

Thank you!

@ cominoc - we can make one but the machine setup cost would be too high. Please take this discussion to a private contact. We have received your email and will see what we can do to help.

Hi Gus,
Thank you for your answer.
Sorry, I didn’t want to disturb the forum, but while waiting for your answer I was trying to find alternative ways…
Will wait for news from you.
Thanks again.

@ cominoc - you are fine on the forum but you have a specific need and we need to help you directly.

Fell free to enjoy the forum :slight_smile: