Need to generate a qr code using a microcontroller and an lcd

Hi All,

This is my first post. I am taking part in the Microsoft Imagine Cup which a software competition. I needed to create a small lcd display which could generate a qr code. I have the code as i did some research and found the exact thing that i want.

The board in use there is very expensive and personally i do not mind buying it. The competition requires that we think as a business which would mean we would have to come up with cost effective solutions.

I have looked at fez panda 2 and the fez touch lcd display which would come up to round about 80$ which is still pricey but reasonable for a prototype.

I wonder if i could achieve the above project using the hardware that i mentioned.

Please reccommend any other projects, ideas or hardware if any comes to mind.

Thank you for your time.

You can also use these:

Cerberus - $29.95

Oled Display - $29.00

this relates somewhat to my question
As a businss you wouldn’t actually deploy gadgeteer devices if you were planning on any sort or volume - you’d prototype then get GHI to make a single board solution that could fit into a nice box. After the initial investment the per unit price should be significantly less.

You may not do this, but as far as costing and thinking like a business that’s what I would document.

It is all about volume. We have many customers using gadgeteer commercially. For example, custom board design and prototype cost over $10K usually. So if you needed 50 of something then you are better off using the modules, less risk and less cost. Now, if you need 1000 or more then the custom board start to be more reasonable.

If I can ask Gus, for the gadgeteer boards consolidated - what was the size difference in pcb compared to just adding up the gadgeteer modules? Same size, 10% smaller, half the size?

depends on the design.

This si like asking, if you write a program to handle XYZ then how many lines of code it will be :slight_smile:


42 ?

It’s a one-liner guys:

     var solution = x > 1 ? y : z ;


Love the answers :slight_smile: