Need suggestion to Wire GPS to Breakout TB10 Module

I have just ordered two GPS (GPS-610F) Modules,
Would be nice if some one could help me with how to wire this correct to Gadgeeter Breakout module.

Please se the attached image.


UART is what you need (socket type U). You could grab the source for one of GHI’s existing serial modules and modify it, rather than reinvent the proverbial wheel.

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Thanks for input.

I used U (Uart) port.
GPS running on 3.3v and active antenna on 5v.
I used GHI’s GPS driver (4.3) at starting point, adjusted/modified and added my own. code and it working just fine! :slight_smile:
I will post the driver for GPS-610F later when I have added the binary command set.
(It uses standard ascii and NEMA out, but binary in.


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