Need Some Recommendations about Using MAX3107 - SPI to UART Bridge

Hello Buddies
I’m planning to use MAX3107 to my new design.
I highly Appreciated to have your recommendations based on your pervious experiments about using this chip.
Best Regrads!

ok, how about telling us where you’re up to in your design with MAX3107 and what specifically you might need our assistance with? And asking on two ancient archived threads as well as your own isn’t going to get an answer any sooner :slight_smile:

@ Brett - Thank you for reply

I want to design a serial Multi-drop BUS up to 20 Mbps speed.
I’m planning to use MAX3107 in SPI mode and connecting it to a STM32F779 MCU for generating and using the data and also Implementing the serial BUS based on 50 Mbps Full-Duplex RS485 transceivers.

so I happily appreciated to your thoughts about it!

@ Brett -
or D u have any offer for implementing a serial 20Mbps multi-drop bus expect what I plan to do that can be implemented with a ordinary MCU or a low-end FPGA or CPLD and it can be used as a physical layer of industrial bus in a field?

ok, so just asking… what does that have to do with the GHI netmf forum?

@ Brett -
I just saw those two ancient post about MAX3107 and I just excited to finding some skilled person who work with it.
so then post a discussion!